it comes from clouds

it comes from clouds. . . . 2012

embroidery in old tissus, lace, insect parts, fox's tooth, beads, yarn...

53x53 cm

dreamcatcher 3

please come back. . . . 2011

wood, wool, yarn, bones, beads, old lace, feather... 

80x60 cm



dreamcatcher 2


wool, yarn, fox's tooth, beads, plastic toys, feather...

15x28 cm

dreamcatcher 1


wool, yarn, bones, beads, rabbit fur...

15x28 cm

little pretty things

little pretty things... 2007

wood, old fabric, beads, plastic figurines, tooth; wool, rocks

53x53 cm

meeting in the meadow

meeting i the meadow ... 2005

embroidery on old tissue, beads, plastic figurines, ink drawings, stamps...

25,5x25,5 cm


who killed bambi

who killed bambi...  2006

embroidery on old tissue, beads, toys

25,5x25,5 cm